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God The Designer: A New Paradigm For Today

I’ve got this really neat book.  It tells me not to use the GREEN coolant if my truck came with the ORANGE stuff.  It’s got the specs for the fuses, and tells me what to do to ensure that my truck runs well, as designed.  It even has information for unusual conditions, such as severe weather.

Now, I don’t think that the guy’s at Ford just sat around thinking up things to put in the book, especially if it were to cause me more work.

No, I think there was a design engineer who sat down and determined what would make his design function the best.  Then, he told the tech writers and they wrote the book.

bs01027_I think that is how we should look at God.  We often think of God as an “artist”, or a “law giver”.  I think, instead, we should look at God more as a design engineer.

God created humanity with a purpose, and with the intent for us to function the best when we “operate” according to His design.  In other words, God actually thought about what He was doing when He created humanity.  He was’t on a deadline!  So, after creating us, He provided an “owner’s manual”.  We call that book the Bible.

Now, many see the Bible as a bunch of rules.  We often think that those rules can be a pain  to keep us from having fun, especially if we don’t trust the Designer. (Strange, that sounds like a teenager talking…)

But, if we seek to understand God, The Designer, then we can begin to see that His laws and His commandments are neither arbitrary, nor malicious.  They have purpose.

God’s commandments then become His “Maintenance Plan” for us, as humans, living in this world that He designed to function a certain way.  He designed EVERYTHING to work within an over-all system.  With that in mind, we should then begin to view our day-to-day obedience to God not in terms of just “following the rules”, but as actions to take, or not take, to maximize our lives.

All according to His Plan.

All according to His Design.

Following His Design Specifications results in us being safe, sane, and fruitful for His Purpose.

God, the Design Engineer….

It could explain a lot!
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3 comments to God The Designer: A New Paradigm For Today

  • There certainly are PARTS of the Bible that act in this capacity and those are certainly important to follow to have a good life now, and a better life after.

  • Nancy Threet

    You are spot-on! I’ve used the “owner’s manual” term for the Bible for years—it seems to communicate that we come with a set of instructions we are to follow for optimum performance!

  • A very appropriate analogy, Buddy! We do need to take time throughout our day to refer back to how we should “operate” our lives.

    I also use an analogy of the Bible being like a travel plan. It tells us where the great places are to go to have a great experience!

    Thanks again!

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