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SEX: What Was God THINKING???!!!
Part I – Design

This post deals frankly but respectfully with issues & physiological/medical information regarding sexuality & God’s design for humanity.  If this makes you uncomfortable, please consider that we are discussing GOD’S DESIGN.

Part 1 of a multi-part series:SEX: What was God THINKING???!!!

Before reading this blog you might want to read my other post about viewing GOD AS DESIGNER.

ring_on_bible_clip_artWith all the problems that couples/singles and Society have, as a whole, due to sex and sexuality, we might wonder:

What was God THINKING
when He came up with the idea of sex/sexuality?

I really don’t think that God just slapped the Universe and Humanity together.  Everything, every “design element”, was carefully and “artfully” considered by God and was then created.

So, what’s the deal with sex?  What could God have been thinking? It seems to cause a lot of problems!!!!

Yes, it is true that sex causes a lot of problems in this world.  But, we have to remember that we are looking at the issue on THIS side of the Fall into sin.  God had an overall design for sex/sexuality and it was best implemented before sin entered the world.

Let’s look at some of God’s design elements regarding sex/sexuality:

Couple Kissing in Autum MEDMALE AND FEMALE

Well, since God created us as a two-gendered species it is obvious that He intended for sex to be part of life.  His handing of Eve to Adam as his friend, companion, helper, and lover, shows that God intends for humans to primarily have long-term monogamous relationships.  This is clear from Scripture as well.


God obviously designed humans to procreate via the sex act.  In fact, some ancient writers (Augustine, Jerome, et al) thought that was the ONLY reason.  Obviously, this is not correct.  If it was, women would not need to enjoy the sex act as their pleasure is not tied to reproduction. But, that is not the only indicator that they were wrong.

If we look at ALL the aspects of sexuality we easily see that procreation was merely ONE of His design elements for humanity in terms of the benefits of sexual activity.  To fully understand God’s intent we need to not only look at “special revelation” (God’s Word) but also “general revelation” (God’s Creation).

So, let us examine what science and observation can tell us about sex and sexuality.

Here are some highlights we would get just from a few hours’ investigation (this may get a little technical/medical, but go with it):

  • heartThose who enjoy frequent love-making are at a lower risk of cardiovascular illness.  Having sex three or more times/week reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack by half! This is based upon research done at University of Bristol in England.  In fact, there are studies indicating the frequent, regular lovemaking lowers bad cholesterol and stimulates the production of good cholesterol (probably due to both exercise and hormonal element).
  • Men who have an active and frequent love life may be at a much lower risk for prostate cancer, as reported in the British Journal of Urology International.
  • Sex stimulates the production of the hormone oxytocin.  Release of this hormone creates a “desirable association” to be formed with the object of our desire, essentially “making love”. In addition, production of oxytocin causes a release of dopamine, a natural pain reducer.  This has been shown to lower pain levels due to arthritis, migraine, headaches, and PMS.  Finally, oxytocin induces drowsiness in both women (20-30 minutes) and men (2-5 minutes).  Apparently, it is natural for men to doze off quickly!
  • applesSex also stimulates the production of DHEA, a hormone that not only boosts the immune system, but aids in tissue repair, mental cognition, skin health, and even in the management of depression.  Dr. David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at Scotland’s Royal Edinburgh Hospital, conducted a study of 3,500 people ranging in age from 18 to 102 and has reported findings suggesting that sex actually slows the aging process! This not only includes the physiological impact of aging, but the cosmetic impact as well!
  • Having sex 1-2 times each week is linked to higher levels of production of the antibody called immunoglobulin A, or IgA. This antibody protects against colds and other infections.
  • Testosterone production increases with regular lovemaking.  This improves both bone and muscle strength.
  • Safe Sex may actually prevent some health benefits of sex.  A recent study by the State University of New York, Albany, NY, suggests that semen acts as an antidepressant in women.  The study demonstrated, among other things, that multiple chemicals and hormones within semen are absorbed by the woman relatively quickly.  These include: Zinc, potassium, fructose, calcium, and various proteins. This is all in addition to the delivery of reproductive elements.
  • preggersUniversity of Adelaide in South Australia researchers report that lovemaking without the use of “barrier methods” of contraception for at least 4 months prior to conception seems to dramatically reduce the chances of preeclampsia, a dangerous condition that can risk the life of both the mother and the baby. This is due to the woman’s body becoming “used” to the arrival of foreign proteins, specifically human leukocyte antigen (sHLA)  and therefore not attacking those elements in the fetus unique to the father’s chemical proteins, etc.
  • The above mentioned long-term sHLA exposure and interaction, prior to conception, also appears to improve the odds of conception by making the woman’s body chemically more receptive to her husband.
  • Release of estrogen during sex also helps protect women against heart disease. (Note, while estrogen would have a similar cardiovascular benefit for men, the physiological ‘feminization” that would result mitigates these benefits.)
  • Fitness is improved with frequent lovemaking.  Vigorous lovemaking burns about 200-300 calories, which equates to a 15-minute jog.  During sex, heart rates increase to about 150 bpm.
  • Studies show that frequent lovemaking in monogamous relationships results in lower stress levels and lower diastolic blood pressures.
  • Regular sex lives boosts self-esteem and overall well-being.
  • Pelvic floor contractions, known as Kegels, are often performed in preparation for and during lovemaking.  These not only improve sexual pleasure for women but they also result in a beneficial strengthening of the entire pelvic floor, potentially reducing chances of incontinence later in life.
  • And to build on an earlier benefit, uring physical intimacy various chemicals are released into the brain.  New research shows that the release of oxytocin and vassopressin serve to create emotional bonds between lovers. “Making Love” may not be a euphemism!

On the downside:

  • NO STDsPromiscuity negates the benefits of a regular monogamous sex life due to the increased health risks brought on by increased STD transmission, stress due to relational and sexual anxieties and fears, and neutralization of hormonal reinforcements.  In fact, stress and fear negate a lot of the physiological benefits given above, and can product chemical/hormonal reactions that harm.

OK, does anyone think that such a varied collection of heath benefits being integrated with a God-designed monogamous relationship (aka MARRIAGE) is an ACCIDENT?

DesignEngI don’t!  I believe it is the careful, engineering result of planning, creativity, wisdom, and intentional design on the part of God, the Engineer!  If we consider this, we can see that in His design God intended for the very enjoyable act of making love to do that, make love, as well as make health!  We are to enjoy many, MANY benefits from a long, regular, monogamous sex life with our spouse.

I mean, let’s sum things up:

  • Regular sex results in hormonal and chemical benefits to both parties.
  • These benefits may result in longevity, increased health, lowered cancer and other disease  risks, improved mental health, easier conception, and safer pregnancies.
  • Regular sex improves overall physical fitness.
  • Regular sex strengthens the love and affection we have with our regular, monogamous partner.

Oh, and it makes babies, too.

Somehow, based upon General Revelation, I don’t think that reproduction is the only primary design goal of

God, the Engineer!.


NEXT: PART II: The Old Testament


Postscript #1: No, I am not a doctor. I don’t play one on TV.  I also did not spend last night in a Holiday Inn Express. But, I AM an engineer and a theologian, and having those characteristics require that I look at the Word as revealed in both Scripture and in Creation, Itself.  Any one of us can do the same as I have in investigating this.  That’s why God made Google, I think.  We just have to shed our Augustinian prejudices and seek God’s true revelation on sex and sexuality.  We have to.  Satan is scoring too many victories on these battlefields, mostly due to our ignorance of God’s Word and His Design.

Postscript #2: This is not a means of “leverage” with your spouse.  It is completely inappropriate to use the facts of this post to manipulate or coerce your lover (who, BTW, is a Child of God) into sexual activity of any kind.  To do so is sin.  However, it IS appropriate to discuss these items in an atmosphere of trust and respect as you both seek GOD’S WILL, and not your own.

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8 comments to SEX: What Was God THINKING???!!!
Part I – Design

  • I was reading through some of your articles on this website and I think this site is really instructive! Keep posting .

  • You raise a lot of questions in my head; you wrote a good post, but this post is also thought provoking, and I will have to ponder it some more; I will return soon.

  • Dr. Bordon: Thank you for your encouraging words! Let me know how I can help!

  • This is my second visit to your blog. We are starting a new initiative in the same niche as this blog. Your blog provided us with important information to work on. You have done a fantastic job.

  • Thanks, TOB Mom! I am familiar with THEOLOGY OF THE BODY, but have not studied in “in depth”, yet. Your comment was a great encouragement! THANKS!

  • TOB Mom

    All of this falls right in line with Pope JP II’s Theology of the Body. A great read to help get our sexuality in the holy, happy place it is intended to be.

  • Thanks, Garrick. One of the things that happens is that we don’t offer as much grace to those who fail in this part of life. And, the Church does not offer as much “discipleship training” on the subject to equip believers to deal with the problems that undoubtedly will arise “in the bedroom” over the life of a marriage. There is much room for improvement in this area of discipleship.

    Thanks, as always, for the encouragement!

  • I think you’ve made a GREAT case, Buddy! I wish more people understood how much God desires His children to experience this pleasure within the confines of marriage. Like other things, when we act outside His will, that choice can have detrimental consequences, many of them lasting a lifetime — and impacting many people both physically and emotionally.

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