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TWITTER: What Parents Need To Know

TWITTER.  It is currently rated as the 10th most visited web site….in the WORLD!

Twitter has been linked with political actions, disaster communications, the Oscars and Super Bowl, and just about everything else!

So, what IS Twitter, and why should parents care?

Let’s take a quick look!


Death, Crises, and Social Networking

“Statistics prove that FIVE out of FIVE people will die!”

That’s what the member of the youth group had on his t-shirt.

The thing is, the shirt was RIGHT! We’re all gonna die!!! And we will likely lose a loved one before we, ourselves, die. Absent death, there are also going to be crises […]

Why TWITTER Isn’t For Kids

TWITTER is fun and it can be very useful as a networking tool.

Unfortunately, it is just as dangerous for children as the rest of the unsecured Internet.

Look at this example of what I personally received Tuesday (objectionable and identifying material blocked out):