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Black Friday, Christmas, and Tech 2016:
What Parents Need To Know – Part I

WOW! Halloween is past and the early Black Friday sales are in play! Time to start planning!

As parents are shopping they have to consider how they will keep their kids safe from inappropriate materials and media, and from predators. What should parents be aware of, and what actions are needed to protect kids from […]

Why Teaching 10 Year-Olds The“Pleasures of Sex”

Why is this an issue?

Watch the video, below, and then read on!


Date Like You Fish!!! (No, really!)

I was at Starbucks the other day, packing up my laptop, and overheard the young barrista (all of 21!) complaining to a regular about how she was giving up on dating, and guys, because she never could find the right guy, etc..

The customer, who appeared to be in her 40’s, told her not to […]

Marriage: God’s Safe Zone


It is EVERYWHERE in our society.

No wonder that youth and adults, alike, are confused about what is OK, what is sinful.  It is no wonder that many are wounded and crying on the Sexual Battlefield.

It doesn’t help that many elements in our Society continue to attack marriage as unreasonable and un-natural.  Today, […]