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Many of us know couples that ran into serious problems, went to counseling, and still got divorced. It can make you doubt the wisdom of taking the time (AND money, often lots of it) to go to a marriage counselor.

Success is up to both of you!

I can tell you, in 34 […]

Temptation: Shifting From
Defense to Offense!!!

Recently I was chatting with a friend who struggles with pornography addiction. He was telling me about how things had been going well for quite a while but that, for the last couple of weeks, it felt like he had just been bombarded with temptations. He was standing strong, but was afraid that the “fiery […]

“My 4 Year-Old Rented A Porn Movie!!!”

“I need your help. My 4 year-old rented a porn movie!”

This parent* had experienced an unfortunate, and largely preventable situation in their home. Their oldest child, age 4, had found the ON DEMAND menu on the cable system and went exploring. They then accidentally found the ADULT section, selected a porn flick, and watched […]

Sexual Sinners and the Obedient Christian – Part IV

Parts I – III are found HERE, HERE & HERE.

“If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…It’s a DUCK!”

So goes the old saying.

With that in mind we would be wise to expect ducks to act like duck, dogs to act like dogs, […]

Sexual Sinners and the Obedient Christian – Part III

Parts I and II are found HERE and HERE.

While the Church is more public in its focus on homosexual sin, we have seen that there are far more STRAIGHT SINNERS in the world, and that they are both in and out of the Church. In looking at this we saw that it is important […]

Sexual Sinners and the Obedient Christian
– Part II

In Part I of this series I related the story of the lady upset by gay co-workers and then talked about the need for new efforts to model Jesus’ behavior where “sexual sinners” are concerned.

Let’s continue with this objective:  Let’s raise the bar on STRAIGHT SEXUAL SIN!

There are far more straight sexual […]

Sexual Sinners and the Obedient Christian – Part I

You could tell she was upset.

There were two co-workers who were obviously in a gay relationship that sat nearby and it bothered her.

It made her angry. She asked what I thought about it, and if it made me angry.

Me? I do not get “angry” about such. I’m more concerned about the millions […]

Staying Pure In An Impure World:
The Danger of “Impurity”!!!

NOTE: This post deals frankly but respectfully with issues regarding sexuality & God’s standard for humanity. If this makes you uncomfortable, please consider that we are discussing GOD’S DESIGN.

Impure. Impurity.

We all know we are sinful. So, when we talk about impurity we often just chalk it up to not being “sinless”? If we’re […]