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Your Purity Threat Assessment (Cont’d)

You might want to read the beginning of this discussion: “SINGLE AGAINs” – Part I: The Purity Challenge “SINGLE AGAINs” – Part II:Transitioning To Singleness Due to Divorce – Dating “SINGLE AGAINs” – Part IIIA: Your Purity Threat Assessment

Let’s face it:  Being single in the 21st Century is tough, especially if you are […]

“SINGLE AGAINs”- Part I: The Purity Challenge

There are a lot of folks in the church who are “Single Again”.  Whether because of death or divorce, many people in Church who were once married are no longer married.  Many of these folks are struggling with life after their marriages have ended.  Even more, outside the Church, are struggling with the aftermath of […]