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Sexual Sinners and the Obedient Christian – Part IV

Parts I – III are found HERE, HERE & HERE.

“If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…It’s a DUCK!”

So goes the old saying.

With that in mind we would be wise to expect ducks to act like duck, dogs to act like dogs, […]

Sexual Sinners and the Obedient Christian – Part III

Parts I and II are found HERE and HERE.

While the Church is more public in its focus on homosexual sin, we have seen that there are far more STRAIGHT SINNERS in the world, and that they are both in and out of the Church. In looking at this we saw that it is important […]

Sexual Sinners and the Obedient Christian
– Part II

In Part I of this series I related the story of the lady upset by gay co-workers and then talked about the need for new efforts to model Jesus’ behavior where “sexual sinners” are concerned.

Let’s continue with this objective:  Let’s raise the bar on STRAIGHT SEXUAL SIN!

There are far more straight sexual […]

Sexual Sinners and the Obedient Christian – Part I

You could tell she was upset.

There were two co-workers who were obviously in a gay relationship that sat nearby and it bothered her.

It made her angry. She asked what I thought about it, and if it made me angry.

Me? I do not get “angry” about such. I’m more concerned about the millions […]

Is Your Church/Staff CYBER-SAFE?
Part III: Recovery

This is the third part of a three-part post and is updated for 2012.

The topics to covered in the series are:

Is Your Church/Staff Cyber-Safe?  Introduction Is Your Church/Staff Cyber-Safe?  Implementation Is Your Church Cyber-Safe?  Recovery

NOTE: Some of the approaches in this article may be controverisal. Please read the entire post […]

Pornography: A Sin?

NOTE: This post will deal with adult issues and activities.

What’s the harm?  I’m only looking!!!

So goes one of the most common rebuttals to being told that viewing pornography is sin.  It reflects the view in our society and, unfortunately many Christians, that sexual purity and fidelity only involve the body.

Looking […]