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Your Purity Threat Assessment

You might want to read the beginning of this discussion: “SINGLE AGAINs” – Part I: The Purity Challenge “SINGLE AGAINs” – Part II:Transitioning To Singleness Due to Divorce – Dating “SINGLE AGAINs” – Part IIIA: Your Purity Threat Assessment “SINGLE AGAINs” – Part IIIB: Your Purity Threat Assessment

It is bad enough to be “Single […]

Transitioning To Singleness Due to Divorce – Dating

“When is it OK to date, again?”

That’s a question that comes up when people go from being married to being single, again, most often when it is due to divorce.  Some start as soon as they move out of the house.  Some don’t think about it, and life just happens.  Given the loose standards […]