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Sexting: Confronting the Problem

Last week’s report by University of Texas Medical Branch researchers that over 28% of teens have sent nude pictures of themselves to others (sexting) should be a wake-up call to those who work with family and youth.

The report, which is based upon a scientific study of nearly 1,000 students in the Houston area […]

Sex, SPOUSES, and the Internet –
Part 2: Cyber-Sex…An Introduction

NOTE: This article frankly deals with adult material.

In the beginning was the PC.

Then came the modem.

The CHAT ROOM soon followed…

…and cybersex was born…and it flourished!!!


Sex, SPOUSES, and the Internet –

We all know how the Internet and other new communications technologies are impacting the lives of kids. Whether it is online pornography, sexting with peers, or predators, the culture that our children exist in has expanded with new dangers that parents have to keep up with.

But, what about the impact on Mom and Dad? […]


NOTE: This post deals frankly but respectfully with issues regarding sexuality & God’s design for humanity. If this makes you uncomfortable, please consider that we are discussing GOD’S DESIGN.

Before reading this blog you might want to read my other posts on “sexting”: Part I and Part II

Technology gives our children the power […]

What’s The Big Deal??? Part II UPDATED

PART II of a 2-part series on SEXTING PART I discussed legal issues PART II  discusses moral and developmental issues

Let’s face it, when you are dating, even in middle school, you are on a voyage of discovery.  Ideally, you are discovering:

•    What is “out there”. •    What you like, and dislike, in the […]

What’s The Big Deal??? Part I UPDATED

PART I of a 2-part series on SEXTING PART I discusses legal issues PART II will discuss moral and developmental issues

I got a call recently from a parent who had discovered that one of their son’s female friends had sent a picture of herself partially clothed.  They were extremely upset (for good reason) but […]