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New Windows Parental Control Quick Set-Up Guides


Below you can find our quick set-up guides for the PARENTAL CONTROLS features of Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 8.1.

GUIDES: Windows 7 Parental Controls Quick Set-Up Windows 8.1 Parental Controls Quick Set-Up

You can find the OS X Mavericks guides here.

In addition to these controls, we also recommend filtering your entire home […]

Google’s SafeSearch: What Parents Need To Know

“How do I protect my kids when they are doing Google Searches?”

There’s a good question that I get all the time, and for good reason.  The Google ‘bots (robots) that search the Internet for all the pictures, videos, information, and so forth, are VERY thorough.  If a page, image, or video is publicly accessible […]

6 Dangers of 21st Century Porn:
Part I – It’s Ease of Creation, Distribution, & Access

“We had porn when I was a kid, back in the 20th Century, and we didn’t have problems!  Why the big fuss, today???”

Believe it or not, that is a quote from a man I talked to before one of my SEX, KIDS, & THE INTERNET Seminars.  I don’t believe the gentleman is alone in that […]

HELP! Mom and Dad Are
Porn Stars! – PART II

In my last post I talked about how you can become a porn star and have your kids find out about it. CREEPY!

But, what if you did not INTEND to become an Internet sensation? What do you do?

What if your private images/videos are “released into the wild” without your permission, or even your […]

HELP! Mom and Dad Are
Porn Stars! – PART I

Did that title grab you? Of course it did! The idea that children would find out Mom and Dad starred in porn movies seems incredulous…and creepy!!! (at least to me)

But, it is happening now, and is going to happen more and more in the years to come! Teens and adults are exploiting and misusing […]

Sex, Kids, & The Internet:
What NOT To Do!

When kids get involved with bad stuff and/or bad people on the Internet it is hard to know what to do. Our first reactions, our NATURAL reactions, may actually be some of worst things we can do to help our kids. And, sometimes, we go ‘WAY overboard!

Let’s look at a couple of common reactions […]

What’s The Big Deal??? Part I UPDATED

PART I of a 2-part series on SEXTING PART I discusses legal issues PART II will discuss moral and developmental issues

I got a call recently from a parent who had discovered that one of their son’s female friends had sent a picture of herself partially clothed.  They were extremely upset (for good reason) but […]

So, You Think You Can Trust Your Kids On The Internet?

Updated for 2013

“We don’t need to install filters, we trust our kids.”

“Our kids wouldn’t be interested in that, and know that it is wrong, so we trust them with their computers in their rooms.”

Those are two common sentiments that I encounter as I do seminars […]

SEX, KIDS, & THE INTERNET Podcast is now on iTunes!!!

The SEX, KIDS, & THE INTERNET Podcast is now available online at the Apple iTunes store! Click the logo to go to the show’s pages at the iTunes store and then click on SUBSCRIBE to subscribe to the podcast! I’d love to hear your comments! […]

“Normal” vs. “Acceptable”

I was talking to a father today about the current state of youth sexuality. He asked me: “But, that was unthinkable when we were kids, but it’s “normal” today, so what can we do about it?”


A common term, today, that means:

Everyone is doing it. It’s a fact. It’s what we do.

I […]