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Your Purity Threat Assessment

You might want to read the beginning of this discussion: “SINGLE AGAINs” – Part I: The Purity Challenge “SINGLE AGAINs” – Part II:Transitioning To Singleness Due to Divorce – Dating “SINGLE AGAINs” – Part IIIA: Your Purity Threat Assessment “SINGLE AGAINs” – Part IIIB: Your Purity Threat Assessment

It is bad enough to be “Single […]

Sex, SPOUSES, and the Internet –
Part 3: CyberSex…And Spouses

U.S. Navy Photo

NOTE:This article frankly deals with adult material.

Before you read this article you should read:

Sex,SPOUSES, and the Internet – Part 2: Cyber-Sex…An Introduction

Marriage, Sex, & The Pistachio Principle!

Back when I was cruising in Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club (aka the U.S. Navy) […]

Sex, SPOUSES, and the Internet –

We all know how the Internet and other new communications technologies are impacting the lives of kids. Whether it is online pornography, sexting with peers, or predators, the culture that our children exist in has expanded with new dangers that parents have to keep up with.

But, what about the impact on Mom and Dad? […]

OpenDNS Filtering: A Review For Home and Church

Parents wanting to protect their children from undesirable material on the Internet used to have a fairly easy task:

Install filtering software on the computer!

In 2012 that is simply not enough. Why?

Because access to the Internet is no longer limited to the PC/Mac but now includes the following devices:

iPads & iPods PS3 […]

SEX, KIDS, & THE INTERNET Podcast is now on iTunes!!!

The SEX, KIDS, & THE INTERNET Podcast is now available online at the Apple iTunes store! Click the logo to go to the show’s pages at the iTunes store and then click on SUBSCRIBE to subscribe to the podcast! I’d love to hear your comments! […]