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Praise the LORD!

We survived BLACK FRIDAY!!! (At least, I hope you did!)

This time of year folks buy LOTS of technology for the kids. That’s great, but only if you understand the safety issues these gadgets and devices bring into the home.

So, here is a quick list of past blog posts that […]

Protecting YOURSELF From Online Porn!

Most of my writing deals with protecting our children from accidental, or intentional, exposure to online pornography. As you may have read, I am a big fan of filters, especially OpenDNS and Net Nanny.

As with all types of filters you have to have an administrator login and password in order to manage them. So […]

OpenDNS Filtering: A Review For Home and Church

Parents wanting to protect their children from undesirable material on the Internet used to have a fairly easy task:

Install filtering software on the computer!

In 2012 that is simply not enough. Why?

Because access to the Internet is no longer limited to the PC/Mac but now includes the following devices:

iPads & iPods PS3 […]

Internet Filters: Your Kids Might Want ‘Em!!!

My kids hate our filters, at least that’s the response I get. It’s not because they are trying to go bad places, but the filters are there to protect them and sometimes require them to get my wife or me to authorize access to an acceptable site that was blocked*.

You might not want to […]

Is Your Church/Staff CYBER-SAFE?
Part II: Implementation

This is the second part of a three-part post and is updated for 2012.

The topics to be covered are:

Is Your Church Cyber-Safe? Introduction Is Your Church Cyber-Safe? Implementation Is Your Church Cyber-Safe? Recovery. IMPLEMENTATION

In the previous post I introduced the issue and need for a cyber-safe church. In this post I’d like […]

Is Your Church/Staff CYBER-SAFE?
Part I Introduction

This is the first of a three-part post and has been UPDATED for 2012.

The topics to be covered are:

Is Your Church/Staff Cyber-Safe? Introduction Is Your Church/Staff Cyber-Safe? Implementation Is Your Church/Staff Cyber-Safe? Recovery . INTRODUCTION

We’ve all read the headlines or heard the news about a church leader falling to sin via the […]

So, You Think You Can Trust Your Kids On The Internet?

Updated for 2013

“We don’t need to install filters, we trust our kids.”

“Our kids wouldn’t be interested in that, and know that it is wrong, so we trust them with their computers in their rooms.”

Those are two common sentiments that I encounter as I do seminars […]