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Sexual Sinners and the Obedient Christian
– Part II

In Part I of this series I related the story of the lady upset by gay co-workers and then talked about the need for new efforts to model Jesus’ behavior where “sexual sinners” are concerned.

Let’s continue with this objective:  Let’s raise the bar on STRAIGHT SEXUAL SIN!

There are far more straight sexual […]

Staying Pure In An Impure World:
What Is Purity?

NOTE: This post deals frankly but respectfully with issues regarding sexuality & God’s standard for humanity. If this makes you uncomfortable, please consider that we are discussing GOD’S DESIGN.

“Keep your wits about you.”

That’s what my dad said whenever I went out on dates, ‘WAY back when I was in high school. He said […]

Preaching About Sex?

It was an NC-17 church service.

The local pastor was fed up with parents and other adults not attending programs they needed to attend, so he asked me to preach SEX, KIDS, & THE INTERNETâ„¢ to an adults only Sunday morning worship service.

This was going to be different!

The service started. We sang one […]

Pornography: A Sin?

NOTE: This post will deal with adult issues and activities.

What’s the harm? I’m only looking!!!

So goes one of the most common rebuttals to being told that viewing pornography is sin. It reflects the view in our society and, unfortunately many Christians, that sexual purity and fidelity only involve the body.

Looking […]

Date Like You Fish!!! (No, really!)

I was at Starbucks the other day, packing up my laptop, and overheard the young barrista (all of 21!) complaining to a regular about how she was giving up on dating, and guys, because she never could find the right guy, etc..

The customer, who appeared to be in her 40’s, told her not to […]

“Normal” vs. “Acceptable”

I was talking to a father today about the current state of youth sexuality. He asked me: “But, that was unthinkable when we were kids, but it’s “normal” today, so what can we do about it?”


A common term, today, that means:

Everyone is doing it. It’s a fact. It’s what we do.

I […]