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VIRTUAL REALITY (VR): What Parents Need To Know

Virtual Reality, or VR, continues to grow in popularity while the hardware becomes more readily available…and affordable!

Consumer VR comes to the home through a specialized headset (which is connected with a computer, game console, or smart phone) that places the user in a digital world. Professionals are using it in engineering, medicine, and within the educational community.  It has even been found useful for treating people suffering from anxiety and for treating soldiers suffering from PTSD.  Others use VR to visit far places, or attend events, all without leaving home.  Many others are planning on using VR to rid the Universe of the alien monster threat!

So, what’s the big deal?

Well, good 21st Century parents need to carefully look at any new technology to understand the good and the bad that comes with it.

So, let’s look at VR!

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BLACK FRIDAY 2017 & CELL PHONES: What Parents Need To Know

HOW did Black Friday get here so fast?  Seems like we were just in Back-To-School Mode!!!

Well, as Santa begins to stock his sleigh, there are some tech matters that parents need to consider, whether it’s what type of phone to get Junior, or if Little Suzie gets the Kindle she wants.

There are many choices with regards to cell phones, including which “family” of phones is best for your child: Android, Apple, Windows.

So, let’s look consideration parents need to know before going into combat….er…shopping on Black Friday!

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New Promo Video: THE TECH-SAFE HOME!

Knights’ Quest is proud to share with you the first of two new promo videos for THE TECH-SAFE HOME!

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Back To School Tech Safety 2017: Part III

With school back in session the pressure on our kids will increase.  Not just to get good grades and make the parents happy, but also the pressure to fit in with the social group.

When we were kids, social pressures tapered off when class started. We really only had to face the social group, for good or bad, between classes or during lunch or recess.  Basically, social pressure was “in the Hallway”.  We could get away from it in the classroom, or when we got home.

Unfortunately, our kids live in a “virtual hallway” that is ever present.  This creates a far more stressful culture than we experienced in our youth.  Therefore, parents need to deal with the social aspects of technology, including social media, cyber-bullying, and more.  One of the key strategies is to control what apps can be installed on the phone!

Let’s take a gander at ways to do this.

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Back-To-School Tech Safety 2017: Part II

It’s the first day of school and all the parents are celebrating!

Teachers? Well, maybe a little.

The kids?  Not so much…

The new school year brings a lot of new gadgets into play and parents need to understand that the new capabilities these devices bring also include new dangers.

Let’s take a look at Part II of our look at Back-To-School Tech Safety 2017!

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Child Grooming & Kidnapping: A Father’s True Story!

It is amazing, and horrifying, the degree of psychological control that an online predator can wield over a young person.  The process of implementing this control is called “grooming”, and I have found no better example of what it does to a child, and a family, than the article below.

The article was originally published at by William Henry Prince, a Welsh blogger, who knew the family involved.  All names have been changed to protect the children.  It is reproduced in it’s entirety (including images) with full permission from the blogger and the Father in the article.

Since the authors/writers are from Great Britain I have defined certain colloquial words/phrases that are used in Wales but not in the USA.  These definitions are in RED. The same is done for “Net-speak”.  While some words may appear misspelled they are, indeed, correctly spelled in accordance with “The Queen’s English”.

It is important that parents of 21st Century children read this….

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Back-To-School Tech Safety 2017: Part I

YEA!  Summer’s over and the School Year is about to begin!  It’s time to hit those sales, pay those band bills, and cart the kids to pre-season practices!

It’s also a good time to get the household ready, technology-wise, to be a safer and more secure environment for our families.  There are a lots of new computers and other gadgets being bought this time of year so a little thought and a little preparation can make a HUGE difference!

First off, let’s talk about what parents need to do, at a minimum, for desktop and laptop computers.  There are FOUR VULNERABILITIES we need to take a quick look at:

  • Inappropriate content (porn sites, hate sites, etc.)
  • Viruses and malware
  • Computers just needing tune-ups.
  • Losing your data!

Let’s look at options to help you protect both your systems and your family.  Given the Recession and its effect on the family budget I will look at some of the free or lower-cost solutions!

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WARNING: The Blue Whale Game!

There is a dangerous game being widely reported on the Internet that parents need to be aware of:  The Blue Whale Game.

The Blue Whale Game is a sick suicide challenge that appears to goad vulnerable teens into killing themselves.  This game, allegedly invented by Russian Phillip Budeikin, 22, came to the attention of the English-speaking world earlier this year after originating on the Russian VK (VKontakte) social media network.  In the game the player makes contact with an “administrator” and accepts the “challenge” to complete 50 assignments in 50 days.  The last challenge requires the player to commit suicide.

There are many questions about this terrible game, but law enforcement, schools, and the media are talking about it, so we will, too!

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When Children Play With (Electronic) Fire….

Adults frequently allow their children to play with fire.  Not the real, combustible kind, but the world-ranging, never-dying fire that is the Internet.  They give children the latest gadgets, even when it is not the wisest thing to do. (Tell me…WHY does a 6-year old need a $600 smart phone with full access to the entire planet?)  Then they turn them loose without supervision, controls, or “training”.  Few boundaries are given.  If they are, it is often only when the technology is first provided with no “booster shots” as time goes by.
If you talk to military leaders they will tell you that technology is a “force multiplier”. It increases the power and lethality of weapons used against an enemy.
Unfortunately, technology also increases the power and deadliness of children’s actions and words.  The power and influence that technology puts into our children’s hands is totally disproportionate to their maturity and can be very harmful, even deadly. We all read about examples such as:
  • Children gang up on others with social media
  • Revenge is taken by sharing inappropriate pictures among peers, or online with the entire world
  • Reputations are destroyed
  • Kids do something “cool” and are arrested for felonies
  • Pranks and similar acts cause pain and suffering far beyond what is intended or expected

This last one came to national attention in March 2017 when 11-year old Tysen Benze of Marquette, Michigan, killed himself within 2 hours of his girlfriend faking her own suicide via social media.  It all happened so quickly!  Now the young lady, who is (hopefully) grief stricken over this senseless event, is also facing the prospect of criminal charges.  Some of her friends may also face charges.

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Blogging The Knights’ Quest: Top Articles of 2016!


I hope you had a great 2016!  It looks like 2017 will be full of new things, and that includes new hazards with technology!

For the 2nd year in a row our readership topped 40,000!  Thank you!  This year the target is: 50,000! Share some of our articles and help us get there!


TECH SAFE SERIES TRANSSo here are the Top 10 most read articles for 2016!

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