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Sorry, TUMBLR Still Has Porn….

In late 2018 TUMBLR made the news by saying that it was going to remove all adult content, including images/videos with nudity or explicit sex, from the entire site. It seems that a significant number of the micro-blogs that TUMBLR facilitated contained adult material and there were no practical methods to restrict access.

Many parents and others who work to keep kids from inappropriate material cheered the idea. But, many also maintained a “wait-and-see” attitude. Of course, all the fans of pornography were devastated and/or outraged.

So, how did that pan out?

Now, two months after the “TUMBLR Purification Date you can still find pornography and other material that is inappropriate for children and youth. Not as much as there used to be, but still a significant (and increasing) amount.

In my review of the current state of TUMBLR I found the following:

  • Many older porn videos and images are no longer available.
  • There are many new inappropriate images and videos, and they are not being removed (some have been up since early January 2019)
  • TUMBLR pornographers have merely taken to posting links to their “products” on web site, TWITTER, or other social media.

For this reason I still recommend that TUMBLR be blacklisted on family networks and on devices used by children and youth. It is just not safe for our children.

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