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Why TWITTER Isn’t For Kids

TWITTER is fun and it can be very useful as a networking tool.

Unfortunately, it is just as dangerous for children as the rest of the unsecured Internet.

Look at this example of what I personally received Tuesday (objectionable and identifying material blocked out):


What was blacked out?

  • Sexual profanity
  • Her Twitter screen name (so readers aren’t tempted to go find her).
  • The link to “her site”. (No, I didn’t go there, either!)

Now, let’s say a 14-16 year old sees that.  What is their reaction?

  • Hopefully, they click BLOCK and clear their screen.
  • “Wow!  She’s hot” I’ll just follow the link she gives (blacked out).
  • “Wow! I’ll follow her on Twitter!”
  • And more such…

This is why parents should be concerned not just about TWITTER, but it and all other social networking sites.

Yes, inappropriate material is made available through such solicitations.

But, children rarely realize that the culprits behind these types of posts are part of what I call the: “Crack Dealers of The Soul”.  They are the porn and sex merchants who only want one thing: YOUR MONEY! That’s why they employ many methods to draw the unsuspecting web surfer in until they are willing to cough up a credit card number.  From there, many find themselves victims of Identity Theft!

Filters may or may not have caught this, depending on capabilities and configuration.

Monitoring software undoubtedly would (but you need to remember to check the logs).

Stay alert, folks!

Talk with your kids BEFORE they encounter this stuff.
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1 comment to Why TWITTER Isn’t For Kids

  • Thank you Thank you Thank you ! All my kids are grown but i know this has been a problem for many years. Porn is everywhere and that bothers me all the time. Even as an adult it pops up all the time somehow! Thanks for the message to parents and kids too.


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