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Back To School Tech Safety 2017: Part III

With school back in session the pressure on our kids will increase.  Not just to get good grades and make the parents happy, but also the pressure to fit in with the social group.

When we were kids, social pressures tapered off when class started. We really only had to face the social group, for good or bad, between classes or during lunch or recess.  Basically, social pressure was “in the Hallway”.  We could get away from it in the classroom, or when we got home.

Unfortunately, our kids live in a “virtual hallway” that is ever present.  This creates a far more stressful culture than we experienced in our youth.  Therefore, parents need to deal with the social aspects of technology, including social media, cyber-bullying, and more.  One of the key strategies is to control what apps can be installed on the phone!

Let’s take a gander at ways to do this.

One of the hardest things to do with 21st Century kids is to control their use of social media.  It seems like they are always well into using a new app before parents even know it exists.  Therefore, parents must take positive, preventative action!

Click image to view the video.

The first step is to control the installation of apps on the child’s device!

If your child has an Apple iOS phone or tablet then all you really need to do is follow the instructions in our 2-part video starting with: “Locking Down Your Child’s iPhone or iPod – Part I (iOS 10.3)”  This will allow you to lock the phone down pretty well, including controlling the installation/de-installation of apps, filtering the web, filtering movies and TV in iTunes, and more!

Click image to view the video!

If your child has an Android phone you have a little more of a challenge.   A simple way to lock down the apps on an Android phone is given in “Locking Down Apps On An Android Phone“.

This will include how to lock down the Google Play store to restrict purchases, in general, and to restrict media purchases by Movie, App, or TV Show rating.  It will also let you restrict books and music that have sexually explicit content.

Regardless of Android or Apple, from this point on you control what social media apps your child uses on their phone and/or tablet.

Your second big task is to obtain your child’s login information for the social media apps that you allow (Facebook, etc.).  The best way to do this is to ask them for the logon information.  If they refuse, then all you have to do is block that app.

One consideration, though, is the child’s age.  If they are nearing the end of their time at home, you may want to allow them a little more privacy and self-control.  That way they have practice at setting boundaries before heading off to college, the military, or the world of employment!

And that’s it for our 2017 Back-to-School series!  These links take you back to PART I and PART II.

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