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Secret File Vaults: What Parents Need To Know

Let’s face it: We ALL hidicon175x175 stuff from our parents!

So, why should we be surprised when our kids try to hide stuff from us, especially inappropriate material from the Internet, like pornography?  The problem is, they have ‘way more tools for hiding than we did.  In my day a teen might hide a Playboy underneath his mattress or in his closet.  Today, kids can hide files on hard drives, USB drives, camera/tablet memory cards, and on phones and tablets, themselves.

When hiding files on phones and tablets they are using apps that are called “vaults”, “photo vaults”, or “file vaults”. These are apps that parents need to know about, so let’s take a look.

iPad Vaults cropped smFile vault apps, which are available for both Apple and Android devices, allow files to be stored in the app, itself.  They app may openly be a vault, or it may look like some other app (like a calculator) in order to even hide the existence of the vault.  This often is done by having it look like a calculator.

Vaults are not only able to hide photos but they can hide almost any kind of document, or they can hide videos.  This is useful if you have files or documents that you don’t want the kids to stumble upon, such as the list of what they are getting for Christmas, etc..  But, these apps are also perfect for hiding a stash of porn.

Parents need to be on the lookout for these apps.  Basically, you have to look in your system settings for “calculators” or other apps that have huge storage footprints.  For instance, the iPhone calculator app is only ~55mb in size.  But, a calculator vault may be 500mb in size, or several gigabytes!  This is how you identify possible vault apps.

Knights’ Quest has produced a short video on how these vaults work and how to find them on Apple iPhones.  The technique is virtually the same for iPads, and very similar if you have an Android device.


Two Obvious Passcode Patterns

You can FILE VAULTS: What Parents Need To Know on our Knights’ Quest TV channel on YouTube.

Here it is:

Keep in mind that once you find a vault, you still have to “crack” the vault.  Since most of them only use 4 digits for the passcode, you can type through all the options. Start with number series such as 9-8-7-6 or 5-5-5-5, or a series that makes an easy to remember pattern, such as 2-4-8-6 or 9-5-1-7.  Here are more:

That’s it! Keep in mind that, while these examples use Apple devices, vaults are available for Android devices as well.

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