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ONLINE PORN: It’s A Girl Problem Now….

“Pornography?  I don’t worry about that. I only have girls!”girls surfing Internet M1

That’s what a mom told me a 3-4 years ago when I mentioned what I do to educate and equip parents to keep kids safe online.  She was assuming things were like they were in her day, when almost all the consumers of porn were male.

Things have changed.

A new survey by Josh McDowell and the Barna Group, released on January 19, 2016,  reveals that 33% of young women ages 13-25 are actively and intentionally using online pornography at least once per month.  In fact, the use of online porn is growing among female teens and adults at a much faster rate than the male population.

Two of the primary reasons teen girls gave for using online porn were:

  • To attract boyfriends, and
  • To keep boyfriends

Think about that for a minute.

Spy_KissParents and those who work with and lead youth (youth pastors, senior pastors, etc.) must understand this significant change in our culture and make changes in programs to address the dangers of online porn equally to both young men and young women.  The foundation of these efforts must contain a sound and valid Biblical understanding of God’s design and boundaries for sex.  However, limiting such discussions to a once-a-year Valentine’s Day emphasis will not adequately equip youth and parents. The Church needs to fight the influence of our culture regularly, throughout the year.

In addition to a theological foundation, parents and those who work with youth need sufficient technical training in how to keep their families safe(r) from online threats and teach their children about those dangers.  This should include more than just the web, but also social media, streaming media, webcams, and more.  Parents need to be able to talk to their kids about the spiritual, social, financial, and legal consequences that now come with the mis-use of technology, even for “jokes”.

There was good news, though:

“A full 79 percent of youth pastors and 86 percent of senior pastors said they do not currently struggle with using porn.”

The Baptist Press article discussing the study may be found here.

Christianity Today’s 2013 article, “The Secret Women’s Porn Problem“, may be of interest as well.

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Quotes taken from:

“Study: monthly porn exposure the norm for teens”, Baptist Press News, January 20, 2016,





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