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For Those in Recovery….And Those Who Minister To Them.

Over the years I have had many requests for information along the lines of: “How do I ____” and “What do I do_______?  These requests come from folks who are struggling with either pornography addiction or sexual addiction.  Other requests come from clergy, parents, spouses, and others who minister to or support those in recovery.

Knights’ Quest hopes that this collection of articles from BLOGGING THE NIGHTS’ QUEST will be found useful for those in recovery and their support teams.

Articles on basic tech protection for the Home

Additional article may be found in the WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW category of the blog.

Discipleship articles on sex and purity.

Articles for Pastors and elders of churches to consider.

Some articles are not listed as we feel they may give someone in recovery too much information that would aid a relapse.

This article list will be updated as appropriate new articles are published.

For those who feel a Christian support group would help them in their recovery Knights’ Quest STRONGLY recommends CELEBRATE RECOVERY!  This program can be found at churches nation-wide.  Find local groups with the Celebrate Recovery Group Locator!

Remember, we are all here to stand together, not stand alone!


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