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New Seminar: “THE TECH-SAFE HOME!”

Knights’ Quest is pleased to announce a new Internet/technology safety program for parents:


THE TECH-SAFE HOME™ is a new program to educate and equip families on the dangers posed by pornography and predators.  These no longer enter the home only through the family desktop computer but arrive through:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • eReaders
  • Smartphones
  • Streaming TV boxes
  • Game consoles
  • Cable TV streaming
  • and more….

THE TECH-SAFE HOME™  is available in two sessions:  Level I, and Level II.  Here’s the scoop!! 

Level I is a complete program for parents.  Its 1-hour presentation covers:

  • The threat of online pornography due to its:
    • Easy access.
    • Increased deviancy and “extreme” content
    • Creation of compulsions and addictions
    • Distortion of sexuality.
  • Technology vulnerabilities in the home:
    • Web sites
    • XXX-Rated virtual worlds
    • Game systems, porn, and predators
    • Streaming TV
    • eBooks
    • Smart phones and tablets
    • Social Media
  • The risks to families:
    • Legal
    • Social
    • Financial
    • Physical
  • Defending the home
    • Filters
    • Parental controls
    • Setting family boundaries
  • Addressing problems in the family
    • Pornography
    • Predators
    • Inappropriate or excessive technology use

Level I is strictly a technology defense program and is suitable for both religious and secular venues.

Level II is an optional 60-90 minute add-on program that builds upon Level I and addresses:

  • Set-Up tasks and policies
    • Computers
    • E-Mail
    • Home networks (including free filtering)
    • Game Systems
  • A Biblical understanding of the dangers posed by pornography*
    • God’s design for sexuality
    • Damage done by pornography
    • The realities of pornography addictions and compulsions
  • The cyber-culture of Today’s children and youth
    • “Kids are born plugged in!”
    • Constant contact and electronic esteem
    • The merger of sex and tech
  • Predators
    • How they prey on kids
    • Real case studies
    • What to teach kids about online predators
  • Reacting to problems related to technology
    • Sexting
    • Pornography
    • Possible predator involvement
    • Secrecy
  • Tips & Tricks for
    • iTunes
    • Apple devices (iPhones, Apple TV, etc.)
    • Covenant Eyes
    • Monitoring Phones
    • Monitoring Internet activity

*Omitted for secular venues where Church/State issues might arise.


Level II can be presented in conjunction with Level I as part of an integrated program or it may be used as a follow-on event to be held at a different date and time.

Contact Knights’ Quest to schedule THE TECH-SAFE HOME™ for your Church, school, or parents group.  Knights’ Quest has conducted Internet safety and parenting programs across the U.S.!

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