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6 Dangers of 21st Century Porn:
Part II – Exposure to Deviancy and Violence

Your might want to read PART I, first.

It used to be that the pornography that was accessible to young people was “pretty benign”, meaning it was on par with “Miss July on a hay bale in a barn”.

Today that is not the case.  Almost anything and everything that can be done in a sexual context is now available….online….for FREE!

Is it REALLY that bad?

Wait until you read the rest of this…..

Starting off, we have to remember that frequent exposure to a concept tends to reinforce that concept in our minds, especially if positive reinforcement or reward accompanies that exposure.

What was once “unspeakable” can become commonplace with enough repeated exposure.  What was once unthinkable likewise becomes quite possible…and probable.  The types of material even needed to “turn on” escalates more and more.

In other words, repeated exposure to sexual material in the context of “entertainment”, especially when it portrays violent or devi

ant acts, makes those acts acceptable (at first) and then desireable.  When we understand that “novelty” is a key component of maintaining sexual arousal, or arousability, then this mechanism becomes even more powerful!

So, we should understand that kids WILL get ideas about what is right/wrong/OK from pornography.  They will see adults engaging in these behaviors and believe that, since adults are doing it, it must be OK for kids!  It must be safe, and acceptable.  They will also be influenced regarding what is “normal” and “acceptable” in a sexual/romantic relationship.   Online pornography will become a model for our children’s future behaviors and beliefs.

If you don’t believe that meditate on the number of kids who try to very stupid and dangerous stunts on many reality shows/movies, such as the JACKASS series. Or, in my childhood, how many kids jumped off a ladder, wearing a towel-as-cape, because SUPERMAN flew!  Children (and many adults as well) are unable to separate reality from fantasy, reality from unrealistic!

Is online porn really that bad?

Well, in my seminars I talk about how very objectionable material is available “one click off of a Google search”.  By that I mean that you can conduct a search on a particular term, such as GROUP SEX or SEX SLAVE or BDSM, and by clicking on just ONE LINK in the search results you can get to free pornography related to that term. In most cases you don’t go to a “adult vs. child gateway”, where it says this is an adult site for adults only.  You go straight to the home page of the porn site!  And a lot of what’s online makes FIFTY SHADES OF GREY look tame!

It really is that easy.

So, what are we talking about?  Here’s a PARTIAL list of sexual activities that can easily be found….just one click from a search:

  • Regular sexual intercourse
  • Oral/anal sex
  • Straight/gay sex
  • Group sex/swinging
  • Bestiality (sex with animals)
  • Gender-bending sex (reversal of roles, etc.)
  • Bondage/Discipline & Sadism/Masochism (the whips and chains and rope crowd)
  • Real/simulated rape
  • Real/suggested incest
  • Violent, dehumanizing sexual activities
  • Sexual slavery
  • …and worse…..

People may be repulsed by the more extreme and violent of these when they are “sober”, when their blood is not running hot. But, while surfing pornography online they become easily tempted to “just see what this is all about”, more so since ALL the categories and genres of porn are served on on a single page.  And so…they are drawn in. Repeated exposure to the material, in a pleasurable context, transforms the questionable acts from disgusting to tolerable to entertaining to DESIRED.  Just like drugs….

This WILL impact their views on:

  • What is a healthy sexuality?
  • What is the “proper” sexual role for their gender?
  • What is OK for a loving couple to do?
  • What IS love, and making love?
  • Don’t women/men WANT to be treated violently or degradingly?

Indeed, the Government of England is now dealing with a crisis of sexual assaults committed by children <13 years of age, and as young as 5-6!  Where did the kids even get these ideas?   Online….via pornography. See one article, here.  Another is HERE:

So, it is easy to see how access to the limitless variety of pornography available on the Internet…often for free…can be harmful and damaging.

The best solution is to ensure that your home network is filtered, and that you set the example for your family by remaining “electronically pure”.  You can read about how to do that, for FREE, in my post:

Filtering Your Home Network via OpenDNS:
What Parents Need To Know Part I – What is OpenDNS?

Because your kids are worth it.

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