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Dear Friends:

We have all seen how addictions can destroy careers and families.  The old culprits have been alcohol, drugs, gambling, and more.  Once they have someone hooked, there is a lifetime of misery ahead.

Today’s technologies are introducing a new problem into our families and even threatening our children: The problem of Internet Pornography.  This is a multi-dimensional problem with many channels of contact.  Kids as young as 8-10, but mostly 12-15, are becoming exposed and addicted to material we would never have shown on cruise!  What begins with an accidental exposure grows into addiction because…kids are kids and sex is a normal interest.

But,  the New Pornography is no longer the “normal” pictures in magazines that we grew up with.  Today, the Internet delivers all forms and genres of pornography, including the degrading, the violent, the abusive, and the illegal.  These are all made available in our homes…and on our kid’s portable devices.

As many have said, one of the most important weapons in the fight to protect our kids is good parenting.  Well, parents can’t address what they don’t know about, and many parents have to ask for help with technology from the kids who are the real experts.  There’s the problem:  The parents need help!

Since 2001 Knights’ Quest Ministries has worked to educate and equip parents and youth to address this threat.  My SEX, KIDS, & THE INTERNET Seminars and Workbook have served families across the nation, addressing online pornography, predators, sexting, identity destruction, and more.  In this time I have aided families with children as young as EIGHT who were involved with pornography, and children as young as 10 who were showing signs of addiction.  I’ve worked with parents afraid concerned their kids were involved with predators, and equipped parents to guide their kids past these dangers.

Now, I need your help.

I am embarking on a major, nation-wide push in 2012-2013 and ask that you join this fight by making a single donation or setting up a monthly, sustaining donation via the DONATE ONLINE button on my website at:  I use to handle your online donations with security and privacy.  Checks may be made out to KNIGHTS QUEST MINISTRIES an mailed to:

Knights Quest Ministries
7500 Point Reyes Dr.
Fort Worth, TX  76137-3530

Help me reach our goal of $50,000 for our Winter 2012/2013 Campaign!

With this goal met I can produce quality webinars covering topics parents need immediate help with.  And, I can distribute them online for free!  This will become a resource parents can find via Google and other search engines when they need to be educated and equipped to fight these threats to their families.

Please call or write me if you have questions, or if would like me to speak to your group or church.  My e-mail address is:

Remember, your donation to Knights’ Quest is tax deductible.

With your help, we can educate and equip parents to prevent a lifetime of addiction in our children…worldwide!

The following blog posts can give you an idea what my seminars cover:

DANGER: Unexpected Avenues to Kids’ Access to Pornography
…Because What’s On The Internet Even Grosses Out the HOOKERS!!!
OpenDNS Filtering: A Review For Home and Church
Amazon KINDLE: What Parents Need To Know – Part I
iTunes – What Parents Need To Know… Part I – What All Is Available
HBO GO & MAX GO – What Parents Need To Know

Oh, and feel free to invite me to speak to your church, synagogue, civic group, business, or other event!  I have both faith-based and secular programs!

Thank you!

Buddy Knight

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