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Sexual Sinners and the Obedient Christian
– Part II

In Part I of this series I related the story of the lady upset by gay co-workers and then talked about the need for new efforts to model Jesus’ behavior where “sexual sinners” are concerned.

Let’s continue with this objective:  Let’s raise the bar on STRAIGHT SEXUAL SIN!

There are far more straight sexual sinners than any other.  Consider the following:

  • Over HALF of adults under 25 report their last sexual encounter as a “casual one”. (NSSHB, 2010)
  • There is a higher percentage of divorced adults in the Church than in the population at large (Harley, YOUR LOVE AND MARRIAGE, 2010)
  • Between 12% – 16% of 12 year-olds are sexually active. (UPI, U.S. MIDDLE-SCHOOL YOUTH ENGAGING IN SEX, 2009)
  • The concept of “Friends with Benefits“, the establishment of sexual relationships between people who are “just friends“, is a mainstream phenomena.
  • There is much-increased sexual content and representation of sexual sin in the media. (How about the controversy about MTV’s “SKINS” program?).
  • The emergence and “mainstreaming” of swinging as an acceptable lifestyle in media, and our neighborhoods, even among Christians. (There are even web sites devoted to “Christian Swinging”!)
  • The commonness of heterosexual cohabitation, both in and out of the Church.
  • The acceptance of pornography, even by Christians, based upon use (not what people profess). (Morality Continues to Decay. Barna Research Group, 3 November, 2003)

What is the proper reaction to all of this?  Shock?  Anger?


It is prayer, preaching, discipleship, and restoration.

  1. We need to pray, earnestly, for a spiritual Great Awakening in our Nation that includes a return to Biblical purity both at home and in culture.
  2. We need pastors and lay leaders to boldly preach against all sexual sin (straight, gay, whatever) and to provide strong Biblical foundations for purity.
  3. We need strong, bold discipleship programs that address the REALITIES of 21st Century American culture and provide Biblical responses to temptation and sin, equipping Christians to stand strong against the temptations of the world.
  4. We need strong, loving Christians who will help those who are wounded by sexual sin to repent, confess, and be restored by the Blood of the Cross.  In many cases this will require sharing the Gospel and leading them to Christ, not just pointing out sin!

And, there are reactions we do NOT need to have if we want to effectively grow the Kingdom:

  1. Anger
  2. Judgementalism (Remember:  There but for the grace of God go I/you/us/etc.)
  3. Moral one-upmanship
  4. Blindness to our own vulnerabilities, and sin.

If the Church is to ever lead in the area of moral purity we have to get our house in order.  That will begin through preaching the Bible and “loving the sinner while hating the sin”.  It will begin, not with righteous indignation, but with loving concern about the spiritual condition of the sinner.

And, we should start with the one in the mirror…

Next: What should a Christian do, personally, about “sexual sinners” in their world?  You should press on to PART III!

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– Part II

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