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SEX: What Was God THINKING???!!!
Part V – Sex & The Gospels: Marriage

This post deals frankly but respectfully with issues regarding sexuality
& God’s design for humanity.  If this makes you uncomfortable,
please consider that we are discussing GOD’S DESIGN.

Part 5 of the multi-part series:SEX: What was God THINKING???!!!

Before reading this blog you might want to read my other post about viewing GOD AS DESIGNER.

Earlier in this series we looked at what we could learn about God’s intent for sexuality from God’s Design, and from the Old Testament.  Now it is time to turn to the New Testament and, in particular, the Gospels.  There are things to learn there!

Let’s start with Jesus’ first miracle.

Face it.  If you are the Son of God and you are about to perform the first recorded miracle of your career on Planet Earth, you would want to make it special.  You would want it to have impact.  You would want it to have meaning.

Itz a miracleI will wager that Jesus did, too.  In fact, I believe that Jesus considered the occasion of his first miracle with great care and purpose.  So, what did He decide upon?

  • Curing everyone of all diseases and infirmities, globally?
  • Causing deserts to supernaturally “go green”?
  • Teleport the Romans back where they came from?
  • Write the Ten Commandments across the sky in letters of fire?

Nope.  Nothing so “Hollywood”.

Instead, Jesus attended a wedding and, when His mother asked/told him, saved the groom from embarrassment by changing water into the finest wine.

HUH? What’s up with that?  THAT is Jesus’ “FIRST…BIG…MIRACLE?”

It sure is.  And for good reason.

In choosing to exhibit His power in this setting Jesus’ also:

  • Affirmed God’s original design of humanity as a 2-gendered species.
  • Affirmed God’s original design for marriage, itself.
  • Affirmed God’s basic boundaries for human sexuality and procreation.

Bible and rings BA wedding in Jesus’ day was a “BIG THING”.  Not only was it a great social event, but it was a transformational time for the couple.  Unlike today, the bride and groom were more likely to NOT have had sex.  Where Today’s Society is characterized by middle and high school students having sex both on and off the campus (I’ve seen reporting on cases down to the 5th Grade!) and couples “trying before they buy”, the society that Jesus lived in upheld chastity and virginity, for both man and woman.  In fact, it was a great shame, a disgrace, for a bride to not be a virgin on her wedding night!  A “promiscuous girl” might even be stoned to death!

So, this wedding was the ceremony where the bride and groom received “authorization”, if you will, to consummate their relationship physically.  In doing so, they would begin the process of creating a family.

Jesus performed His first recorded miracle at a ceremony that created a new family and gave a man and woman permission to fully enjoy the pleasures God had designed them to experience on the marriage bed.  In doing so, He showed that the time of the NEW TESTAMENT, the time of redemption, was going to start like the OLD TESTAMENT:

With a wedding!

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